If We Could Just Be Still​.​.​.

by Dr K's Music Therapy

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This song and music video was created to convey that only when we show up as our most authentic selves and "live and let live" can inner-peace be accomplished and World Peace be achieved, and is dedicated to the United Nations and all NGO's striving to ensure that cultural, spiritual, and individual differences be honored. Please click here to view the Music Video for this song at: www.ur2.global/self-esteem---inner-peace---world-peace-music-video.html.


Copyright © 2016 Dr. K's Music Therapy


I got something to say
and I gotta' say it my way.
I got something to peel
where the perceptions of the world could heal:
If we could just be still

I got something to ask,
would ya' please remove the mask.
Show up bare and meditate,
where we ascend without the hate:
If we could just be still

I got something I know,
seeds of truth can be sown,
where redemption is free
through a kind of Sacretherapy®
If we could just be still

I got something to voice,
it don't matter what you call the Source.
It's rigid "terms" that cause the strife
but all's connected to the afterlife.
If we could just be still

I got something to share,
would be nice if someone cared
that there's a soul inside of me,
where you can hear a silent plea.
If we could just be still

I got something to do,
ain't got nothin' to do wit' you,
cause we oughta do our own thang
without it making it rain.
If we could just be still

I got something I own,
its my corner and its my throne,
where I reign for you to see
we're meant to be unique and free.
If we could just be still

I got something to clear
that I want the whole world to hear:
"there's nothin' that we need to fear!"
We could help somebody in the world to heal.
If we could just be still
If we could just be still
If we could just be still!


released January 1, 2017
Lyrics and melody written by Dr. Amelia Kemp aka Dr K's Music Therapy; Music arranged and produced by Premik Russell Tubbs.



all rights reserved


Dr K's Music Therapy Florida

Dr. K's Music Therapy tells the story of the human condition, uplifting and bonding souls together in a way that heals & connects mankind to the Source of their being.

As a psychotherapist and singer/song-writer, she's honored as an "Artist For Peace" by Gandhi BE Magazine, and Founder of www.UR2.Global - an ARTS project to uplift the self-esteem of humanity with liaisons on five continents.
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